Scope of Qualifications

Our scope to deliver nationally accredited training includes:

Business Services
BSB10115 Certificate I Business
BSB20115 Certificate II Business
BSB30115 Certificate III Business
BSB30415 Certificate III Business Administration
BSB40215 Certificate IV Business
BSB40515 Certificate IV Business Administration
BSB42015 Certificate IV Leadership and Management

Health Services
HLT21212 Certificate II Health Support Services
HLT33115 Certificate III Health Services Assistance
HLT32912 Certificate III Health Administration
HLT43212 Certificate IV Health Administration

Community Services
CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support (Ageing)
CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support (Disability)
CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support (Home and Community)
CHC43015 Certificate IV Ageing Support
CHC43115 Certificate IV Disability
CHC40608 Certificate IV Leisure and Health

Public Service
PSP20116 Certificate II Government
PSP30116 Certificate III Government

Training and Assessment
TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Property Services
CPP10211 Certificate I Cleaning Operations
CPP20611 Certificate II Cleaning Operations
CPP31011 Certificate III Cleaning Operations

Note: whilst Capital Careers is approved to deliver the above qualifications, courses may not currently be on offer.  For information on our current course offerings please contact us for further details.

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